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Jolie's Story


My daughter was an average sized baby. After I stopped breastfeeding at 15 months, the doctor noticed she was dropping off the charts. Over the years, she barely grew and her weight was not on the charts. She never had the typical stomach distress [associated with celiac disease].

The doctors attributed her small size to my short height as well as my husband’s. We both were also very thin as children. At age 9, she was finally sent to Children's Hospital to an endocrinology specialist. We were immediately referred to the celiac specialist and given the blood test. She tested positive and had a biopsy.

My daughter is now 10 ½ years old and is 49 inches and weighs 43 lbs. She has been on the gluten-free diet since diagnosis and she has increased 2 shoe sizes in a matter of weeks. I am waiting now for a height and weight gain. Her wish is to have her children tested early so they do not have to wait as long as she did for a diagnosis.

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