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Kimberly's Story


I have spent the last 5 years of my life completely miserable.  

I was an active 27-year-old with three children.  I began having subtle problems in my knees and went to the doctor, but they found nothing wrong.  The pain started in one leg and spread to the other knee.  Before I knew it, it began taking over my life.  

I began to see specialist after specialist, but no one could tell me what was wrong.  Then I began to lose energy, strength and my stomach felt bloated all of the time.  I was exhausted all of the time.  This was very strange for me since I ran 25 miles a week, lifted weights with a trainer 4 days a week, and on top of that played sports, worked full-time and went to college full-time.  I was always told “Maybe you just need to slow down a little.”  

I followed what every doctor told me, and used the pills and shots each doctor gave me.  The pain in my knees got to the point that I could not walk on them anymore and I had to quit my job and find a pain management doctor.  I have been on pain medications for 5 years now, and it took an allergy doctor to start the ball rolling with blood tests.

I found out I have hypothyroidism, parathyroidism and my ANA was abnormal.  With that, my doctor put me on thyroid medication and an immunosuppressant.  After 4 years, I was no better off than before; my ANA levels had gotten worse, and I ended up having a severe Gran Mal seizure.  

I just recently found a doctor who identified the root cause of all my problems.  This was a natural medicine doctor/chiropractor and he finally found out what had been causing me so much misery and pain. This doctor ran several blood tests and diagnosed me with Celiac disease.  For so many years, my thyroid medication didn’t work because celiac disease was interfering; my body was not absorbing the nutrients or medication it needed.

It has been a rough time adjusting to having celiac disease.  I try to search for more and more information on the Internet to see what I can or cannot eat.  It would be a miracle if food labels included whether or not a food has gluten in it.  

After 5 years, I finally found out what was wrong with me, and I am left wondering why so many doctors missed it.  Now I am back at work and finally have my life back!


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