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Kirsten's Story


My whole life, I had struggled with fatigue. In my teen years, I struggled also with depression. I had a wonderful upbringing with a very loving family. I was depressed solely because of my extreme fatigue.

I had been to many doctors, and they diagnosed me as having chronic fatigue syndrome. They said there was nothing they could do for me. This went on for many years, until I had my first daughter. I started to lose a lot of weight. I am 5 feet tall and I went down to 97 pounds.

I did not show the typical signs of celiac disease, but my mother, who is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a clinical nutritionist, told me to get a genetic test to see if I was gluten sensitive.  She referred me to a lab that specializes in genetic testing for gluten sensitivity. The routine blood test can produce false negatives, so I decided to get the genetic test. Along with the genetic test, they tested my absorption of nutrients. Of course, the results came back showing that I was gluten intolerant!  

I went off from gluten immediately, and it took me a couple of years to gain my energy back. I can honestly say that I feel so good today. I have more energy today than when I was a child.

I have been telling my mother for years that she needs to educate doctors so that they can help people from their suffering. It would be my dream to have every newborn baby genetically tested for celiac disease. I am ecstatic to see that NFCA has done so much and is continuing to work toward awareness!

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