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Chris's Story


 I was always a happy child. I remember having so much energy and so many friends. As I went through my teenage years though I started being tired a lot. That was about it at first, just fatigue. After some time I started having trouble digesting milk products, stomach aches and such. I thought it was odd but not impossible to develop lactose intolerance so late in life so I decided to avoid dairy. That reduced some of the cramping I experienced but my energy level was still declined. In fact for nearly 9 years I continued to decline. Sometimes I would have long stretches of feeling better. Sometimes almost back to normal.

I would go to live with my dad every so often and it always tended to coincide with the times I felt better. I couldn't figure out why but doctors told me I was just depressed and happier when with my dad. In actuality it was he fact that my dad doesn't eat rice or noodles. In fact, he eats very little starch and that's why I felt better with him. My fatigue continued. I was unable to ever truly wake up anymore. I lived in a fog of mysterious symptoms. I had headaches, constant diarrhea, gas, extreme fatigue, my eyes would hurt as well as most of my joints and muscles. There were times it was so bad all I could do was lay in bed and cry. I started developing severe depression and anxiety which led to a lot of other problems. So many doctors and psychologists seemed to show such disregard for what I felt. Basically telling me it was all in my head and I was just depressed. I started to believe it and decided that if I couldn't be healthy or happy anymore I didn't want to live. I attempted to overdose on prescription meds when I was 23.

I continued to live wishing I was dead for 3 more years. Sick all the time. By now my intestinal problems had manifested much more significantly. I had constant cramping and having gas. My stool was yellow and my liver was swollen according to a doctor. My fatigue was at a level so high I could no longer function. I spent most of my days in bed sleeping or trying to sleep. I hadn't worked in nearly 2 years. I recently read an article on celiac disease and was diagnosed with it about a week ago. For 9 years I lived in constant pain and misery. I've never been happier to be diagnosed with a disease because finally I have an answer and a course of treatment. I don't feel much better yet but I'm confident that it will come. The one immediate change I've noticed however is my stomach doesn't hurt as much anymore and my constant heartburn has subsided.  This can be a terrible disease if left untreated and sadly is a very elusive and therefore often misdiagnosed illness. So many people didn't believe me and I'm sure others have had the same skepticism about their condition as well but finally I see hope for myself.

You know the problem. Now be the solution.

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