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Jessica's Story


This is not a typical story concerning pregnancy and reproductive health but does illustrate how pregnancy affected one person with undiagnosed celiac disease.

Jessica did not have any issues conceiving her daughter. She actually had an unknown health issue but could not figure it out and thought it was IBS or systemic yeast or Candida. She went through a treatment program and then had her daughter. Jessica loved being pregnant as all of her symptoms and heath issues went away during pregnancy. So, she thought that the treatment program had worked.

After she had her daughter, Jessica could barely walk down to the mailbox. She actually had to use a riding shopping cart when going to the store. She weighed only 108 pounds so it wasn't from being heavy. “It was like everything stored up and out came a monster on my body after giving birth.” Also, she had weird joint pains like fibromyalgia, hair loss, stomach pain and hot stomach, acne, fatigue irritability and more. 

Her daughter vomited a lot after eating and had watery eyes that would get puffy with a little pink underneath. When she got older, she started getting rashes that they thought were eczema. And, she craved specific foods. None of the doctors they consulted helped.  Jessica had dealt with this health issue since age 17 and had my child at 27.

“I finally prayed one night and looked up information online where I found a doctor who specialized in digestive disorders.” Jessica called him and told her symptoms and those of her daughter. He said, “Oh, you have celiac disease.” He performed an endoscopy and, sure enough, after all of these years of suffering I learned what was wrong. 

“Funny thing, yet not so funny, is stopping wheat was like a roller coaster.” Jessica and her daughter were shaky, hypoglycemic, vomiting, having headaches, and Jessica had a total hormonal imbalance. Her regular 28 day cycle went down to 21 and it has taken 2 years of no wheat to get back up to 28. “Unfortunately, it took me all these years to become sick and my daughter was right away.”

The damage from the eating wheat also caused Jessica and her daughter not to be able to eat other foods. The doctor estimates that they will regain their ability to eat other foods in time. “They say it’s not forever but it has been two years and we are not any better. No soy, dairy, glutens of course, millet, fruit, rice, corn, cucumber, potatoes, squash, BHT, MSG, nitrates, red meat, eggs, etc.”.... All these foods make them react as if they were wheat. The doctor said Jessica and her daughter will never be able to tolerate soy or dairy but, “hopefully, through enzymes and lots of probiotics, we can eat these items again in up to five years.

Jessica still is searching for a cure to the damage from undiagnosed celiac disease 

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