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Sandra's Story


My story begins when I was 6 months old (1961).  When my mother introduced me to wheat pabulum, I vomited and quickly dehydrated.  I then developed a high temperature and was admitted to the hospital. My neck stiffened, but the possibility of meningitis was ruled out by a spinal tap.  Eventually, I was sent home to die. 

A nurse suggested keeping me alive by dropping water onto my tongue with an eye dropper until I moved.  With the help of relatives and friends, it took 48 hours before I could move my head or cry.  Meanwhile, my grandpa read medical books furiously.  He “diagnosed” me with celiac disease due to the sulfuric smell of my stools.  A naturopath suggested feeding me green apples and bananas, and I revived.
After bringing the possibility of celiac disease to the attention of physicians, my family was told that it was a childhood disease, there was no cure and that I would grow out of it.  Somehow, my family did not associate eating gluten with celiac disease, so I frequently relapsed. I grew up sickly, anemic and was severely underweight though I could out-eat any male my age.

At 35, I began my quest to find out why I was so thin, sickly, had chronic constipation, mucus in my lungs, rash on buttocks, serious menstrual problems, severe mood swings, insomnia, Candida and more. After being referred to four specialists, my search was unproductive. Finally, I walked into a store for celiacs to buy some gluten-free bread for a friend.  As soon as I walked in, the store owner informed me that my celiac disease was terribly out of control. I bought a book about celiac disease and enough products to eat gluten free for 2 weeks.

It seemed all my health issues disappeared and my bowel began functioning for the first time in my life. I thought I had been resurrected with a new body, a new lease on life.  My health continued to grow ever stronger over the years and I gained weight. My menstrual hemorrhaging decreased from 6 days to 3 days. My wicked mood swings vanished.

Unfortunately, my battle against Candida and vaginal infections continued - until two weeks ago.  I had a complete hysterectomy. I am now 49 years old. I have never been pregnant. I sought out four gynecologists before one finally agreed to give me an ultrasound.  I was diagnosed with an enlarged fibroid uterus (complex endometrial hyperplasia with atypia).  Two weeks after my hysterectomy, I feel that I have been given a second “new lease on life.”  I received the pathology report yesterday with the following results: One of my uterine fibroids was cancerous but confined to the endometrium. There were growths everywhere - both ovaries had cysts, my cervix had a polyp and chronic inflammation, polyp on my bladder, enlarged fibroid uterus (fibroids up to 3 cm) and a fallopian tube cyst.  Also, significant endometriosis pelvic adhesions: 1) right ovary adherent in right ovarian fossa, 2) scarring as well as endometriosis nodules on rectum/bladder peritoneum, 3) colon tethered into the posterior cul-de-sac and 5) significant adhesions on right and left ureters and to the right pelvic side wall.  The good news is - they caught my cancer in time!

It has only been two weeks, but I feel my Candida has been conquered. I have lost my continuous craving for starch and sugars. I have lost my perpetual fatigue and foggy brain. I have less lumbar back pain.  I have had no hot flashes or severe mood swings.

I personally feel that my untreated celiac disease was a large contributing factor to my menstrual complications due to malnutrition and Candida. Before going gluten-free, I always had severe PMS, menstrual pain and anemia.  These symptoms were reduced by half when I stopped eating gluten.  My cycles, however, were timed to within a day every month.  I suppose this over-generous estrogen level was a contributing factor to my hyperplasia.  I imagine that if I had had children early on, some of these complications would have been avoided.  But, I have no regrets as my story has a happy ending!

You know the problem. Now be the solution.

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