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Charity's Story


Charity's Story

I started out as a child my mother said "couldn’t eat anything with wheat flour in it, peanut butter, eggs, milk..." but apparently grew out of it. Fast forward to college when I started having "stomach problems" presumably from stress. My symptoms would wax and wane- was it something I ate? PMS? stress?

Fast forward again to my second stint in college, a failing marriage, 2 small children, starting my nursing career as a single mom and having unrelenting stomach issues everyone from my mother to my doctor was diagnosing as Irritable Bowel. I wish I had a dollar for every time a doctor told me to eat more fiber......

About 3 years go by, wondering why I still have these terrible stomach problems when I really don’t feel stresses out, went to see a GI doctor. I had a positive TTG, but he wasn’t convinced that I had celiac. My primary care doctor had me trial a gluten free diet for a month, and then I had a biopsy done- no wonder it was inconclusive.

Meanwhile, I am trying everything under the sun and then some to try to "cure" my ailment. I decided to seek a second opinion. My again positive TTG intrigued my new Dr. and finally low and behold in April 2007 after 5 years of wondering, I had a diagnosis and knew the cure.

I am going into this with a good attitude thinking of what I CAN eat and not what I can’t. I feel so much better now (even though it has only been a couple weeks). I want to raise awareness and help others like myself. I am trying to get involved in the celiac community to be able to do my part as a healthcare professional and someone with celiac disease.

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