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Julie's Story


Julie's Story

I began experiencing stomach discomfort my senior year of college (2004-2005). I would eat cereal and have bad symptoms (I bet that you can guess why!). I thought it was the milk and assumed I had become lactose-intolerant. But drinking lactaid milk with my cereal didn't seem to make my symptoms any better.

After two years at graduate school in NYC my symptoms became a whole lot worse! I had no idea what was going on...I thought maybe it was IBS? Everything I ate seemed to cause stomach pains and bloating. So, three months ago I saw a GI doctor in NYC. After a series of tests he diagnosed me with Celiac Sprue Disease. I was actually excited that I had a diagnosis instead of a vague "You have IBS" diagnosis.

I began my gluten-free diet right away with the help of two Registered Dietician (R.D.) friends of mine. I am currently really happy and free from stomach pain! I like nutrition and telling people about celiac so much that I am going to get a second masters to become a Registered Dietitian. I want to help create awareness of this autoimmune disease and show people that it isn't so bad.

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