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Maya's Story


Maya's Story

I started getting a bloating feeling in my stomach daily when I was about 12. However, as I got older, it evolved into pain which got worse over time. By the time I was 14, I was experiencing excruciating symptoms more than once a day. That's when I started going to a gastroenterologist, who prescribed large amounts of medicine to deal with the pain.

But it still got worse. After dinner, it would hurt so much that I would roll on the floor crying. My stomach pain interrupted all of the things I loved- soccer, tennis, schoolwork, and just plain having fun. Nothing was working, so after a year of agony I finally got an endoscopy to figure out what was going on. The biopsy revealed villous atrophy, a typical symptom of celiac disease. We confirmed the diagnosis with serum tests.

After that my life changed so much. I went on the diet and right away, and soon I was feeling much better. As a teenager, I find it hard to stay on the diet while my friends and I go out. I often have to go to other restaurants, and my friends sometimes complain that I'm being obsessive. I am truly grateful, however, to be finally free from the pain I was going through. Now I can freely spend time away from home without worrying about whether or not I'll embarrass myself with all of the gas a stomach cramping.

My only worry now is the fact that I cannot convince my family members to get the test. My father refuses because he doesn't want to adopt the diet, and he won't take my sister to the doctor to get tested. It's hard to think that they might have to go through what I went through, but hopefully they will soon find out whether or not the have it, and can lead happier and healthier lives.

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