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Melanie's Story


Melanie's Story

I can't tell you how long I've had Celiac Disease...Seems like forever. Since turning 25 I had severe headaches then from there it progressed. My symptoms included anxiety, weight loss, diarrhea of course( 8-10) a day, numbness in hands, feet, face, sinus infections, so many I can’t even imagine writing them all down. After moving to a new town, I did not transfer my medical records so when I saw a new doctor and told her of my history she sent me to see an internist. I never told her that I had all kinds of tests for various illnesses. I wanted them to be thorough. One appointment with the internist and several tests concluded that I had Celiac Disease. That was November 2006. I am now 3 months into the diet and just had a 2 weeks stretch of feeling really good. Today hasn’t gone so well, but I may have ingested gluten. I see a naturopath and many of the supplements have helped.

I hope we can raise awareness so no one has to suffer.

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