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Sunnie's Story


Sunnie's Story

The most important thing I want to stress about my story is the fact that doctors tend to test only those with diarrhea--I am one of the few that was tested only because I had mentioned to my internal doctor just before a colonoscopy that a nutritionist had mentioned celiac to me once-he said it was doubtful since I had extreme constipation. As I was literally was on the table for the test, he came in and said he was shocked, my blood work proved me to be 98% gluten intolerant! After many, many years of pain in my left side (I called it my Drano pain because it was in the bend of my intestine) and many tests, it was all because I was eating the wrong foods. I still have to take colon cleansing tablets every night to help because I can't get the fiber and that helps but it doesn't take long for the pain to be there if I have eaten something I shouldn't have and not always know there was an ingredient that was bad for me. I hope this helps someone.

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