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Alison's Story


I am 33 and had suffered on and off for 2 ½ years with severe stomachaches and bloating. All of my muscles ached, and it was hard to even exercise.

I went to my doctor every few weeks in pain and completed blood tests, ultra sounds, X-rays and an upper GI test. All tests were negative, and I was prescribed heartburn medication, anxiety medication and told to eat more fiber. With each episode, I became sicker.

I did a little research on my own regarding colonic hydrotherapy because I was desperate for any kind of help. The place I went to practices traditional Chinese medicine. Upon feeling how swollen my stomach was, I was advised immediately to avoid any gluten products. Instantly, I was "cured" of my symptoms and went back to my internal medicine doctor to request the celiac blood test.

I have been diagnosed for a short period of time, but I am no longer in pain and can eat a variety of gluten-free options without getting sick. I have to take extra vitamin D and calcium supplements to strengthen my bones.

I am relieved that I finally found a doctor who listened and now have an answer to my symptoms.

[Note: It is important that you continue to eat a normal gluten-containing diet when getting tested for celiac. Eliminating gluten prior to testing could affect the results.]

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