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Karen's Story


I thought I had the stomach flu. I ran a 102 fever and could keep nothing in me for 2 weeks.

I went to the doctor so weak I could hardly stand up. She sent me to the hospital for a "quick trip" to get hydrated. That quick trip lasted 2 weeks.  I was immobile for so long a cluster of blood clots formed and collapsed my lungs.  I was very near death.

I had a cancer doctor, a lung doctor, a heart doctor and two general practitioners. No one even considered celiac. At different times, I was told I might have breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and lupus, none of which I had. The doctors ran every conceivable test on me. I was anemic, thus the cancer scare. For 2 long weeks, I had nothing but beef broth and Jell-O.  Finally, they gave me enough antibiotics I was well enough to go home - with no diagnosis.

After starting to eat, I became ill again. I went to my nurse practitioner and she immediately said “I have followed your chart, and I may know what is wrong with you. I think you may have celiac.”

That was the first time I ever heard that word. She told me what foods to avoid, how to read labels, etc.  Within just a few days I could tell a difference. She was 100% correct. Thank God for nurse practitioners who listen and especially for the one who helped me.

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