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Emilee's Story


I am 13 and I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I am currently living a gluten-free life, partly with my family. My brother and sister are not fully gluten-free. No one except me has any kind of symptoms.

Two years ago I got a stomach virus. All the symptoms went away but my stomach pains. I was on the coach almost every night curled up in a ball clenching my stomach. I went to see doctors and they said I have to suck it up and go to school. I got pushed away like I was faking it and after another week of pain I got blood work done. Everything was fine. After losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks I went to the hospital. Everyone could find nothing wrong with me. It was to the point I could put nothing in my stomach. Not even water. After more trips to the hospital I went to a different one. The took my gluten count and the numbers were through the roof. So I went through more testing and a biopsy. After my biopsy results came back it was confirmed. I had celiac disease. We suspect my stomach virus kick started my dormant gene. I was put on a gluten-free diet right away.

After living 2 years without any gluten I am really good at reading food labels. The hardest thing to have to do is hang out with friends. Going out, sleepovers, parties... You end up having to bring my own food or mainly getting salads. It's hard at points and you are not going to go without getting any gluten. I have been glutend 2 times. I get stomach pains but I found that anything peppermint helps me feel better! Gum, mints, tea.... Anything peppermint. Living gluten-free is not hard you just have to be carful.

I would love to raise awareness but I am only13 years old.... I need your help too.

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