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Gluten-Free Bloggers Take the Pledge

NFCA asked gluten-free bloggers to share their reasons for taking the Pledge and we are excited to share their stories with you!

Bloggers interested in sharing a post about Take the Pledge and being listed on this page can e-mail Alicia at acarango@celiaccentral.org.

Blogger Testimonials

Erica Dermer, Celiac and the Beast

"I took the pledge because I believe in the three messages - education, empowerment, and advocacy. This is what I strive for with my website Celiac and the Beast and my newest book - getting the message out there about celiac, but also how to live the best version of your new life with this autoimmune disease. I believe it's up to each of us - once diagnosed - to educate the general public about gluten and celiac disease, and empower others to get tested (properly) and figure out if gluten is really their problem. While not everyone can advocate online through a blog, simple conversations with others can help spread the word about celiac disease and NCGS."

Molly Cavanaugh, Based on a Sprue Story

"At its most basic level, the pledge is about self-preservation. When you get diagnosed with a gluten-related disorder, you have to educate yourself in a whole new way of life, feel empowered to make the right choices for your health, and be willing to advocate for your needs in situations that demand it. 

But after a while, you start to look beyond yourself to the community—at least I did. After all, I only found out I have celiac disease because the gluten-free community wrote about it in books and blogs. Without that education and advocacy, I'd still be in the dark (with my doctors right there beside me!), and I'd never have felt empowered to stand up to the doctor who said I shouldn't bother getting tested. 

Now, I want to give that same gift of knowledge, confidence, and support (plus a little comic relief) to the undiagnosed, the new and struggling, and—hopefully—their doctors, too. If I can do that in even a small way every day, then my pledge won't be in vain."

Jackie Ourman, C.A.F.E.

"It was easy for me to take the pledge because I feel I live it. Educating and advocating for awareness and understanding of celiac disease as well as life-threatening food allergies, two distinct medical issues, are part of my every day life. Living gluten-free is a necessity for my son and me. It is definitely not a fad. I would not choose to do so if we didn’t have to for our health.

I am a chef and food blogger. It seems I could benefit from the gluten-free hysteria rocking our nation. However, when consulted, I always strongly recommend those who are considering a gluten-free diet to consult with a physician first. I don’t believe going gluten-free is a cure for all that ails you unless you have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant. There may be something else going on if you aren’t feeling well so, be sure to get checked out first.

For more information, visit the NFCA , The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center or The Center for Celiac Research & Treatment."

Candice Clifford, Embrace G-Free

"There are so many reasons why I took the NFCA Pledge.  I truly believe in the importance of education, empowerment, and advocacy.  Although I am passionate about raising awareness for both non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, as an individual who has been diagnosed with NCGS, I feel it is so important for the medical community to be educated on this condition. For five years, I was telling doctors food was the culprit, yet when all tests came back negative this idea was "ruled-out."  After taking the Pledge, I finally put the finishing touches on a letter which will be sent to all 21 physicians I saw throughout my 5 years journey.  Not only do I hope this puts NCGS on their radar, but I felt empowered after writing it!"

Sema Dibooglu, Eat Without Gluten

"I took the pledge, because I want to continue to be a positive voice for the gluten-free lifestyle through my blog Eat Without Gluten. I plan to fulfill my pledge by informing others of the many great gluten-free options out there, and how to best handle the gluten-free lifestyle. I am a strong supporter of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, because it helps to educate, advocate, and empower people with Celiac Disease."

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