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Sweet Red Chili Sauce

This sweet and spicy sauce adds instant flavor to gluten-free food. Here are 5 quick meals you can make using this ingredient.

How to Use Sweet Red Chili Sauce

Content and recipes provided by Thai Kitchen

Sweet red chili sauce is a sweet and spicy sauce that perfectly complements vibrant Thai flavors.  It is made with whole roasted sweet Thai chili peppers and spices, a blend of mild chili and subtle garlic notes.  It has a slight syrup consistency for dipping, but is not overly gelatinous.  It has soft particulates of red pepper that add a pop of heat.

Sweet red chili sauce is very versatile since it is easy for dipping and it is easy to incorporate in other dishes as a sauce, marinade or flavor enhancer.  It’s a great dipping sauce for spring rolls and appetizers.  It can be used as a marinade for a variety of meats or as a delicious sauce for rice, noodles and salads.  Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili sauce is imported from Thailand, gluten-free and vegan.

5 Gluten-Free Recipes Using Stir-Fry Rice Noodles:

  1. Sweet Chili Wings
    Put a spin on your usual wings for the next barbecue or tailgate.
  2. Cold Thai Broccoli Salad
    Get your fill of veggies with this flavorful side.
  3. Bangkok Shrimp Cocktail
    Delicious, elegant and a snap to make.
  4. Sweet Fiery Dragon Pork Tenderloin
    A perfect dish for the Year of the Dragon!
  5. Fiery Thai Salsa
    Use this mango-based salsa on anything from broiled fish to gluten-free turkey burgers.


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