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Artist Hosts Show to Raise Celiac Awareness


Art galleryShannon Alig, a wife, celiac and mother-of-two from Illinois recently took on the challenge of becoming a Celiac Awareness All Star. A talented painter to boot, Alig held an art show earlier this May and donated 30% of her proceeds to the NFCA!  

This was her first solo show and she used it to express her thoughts and emotions during the time of her diagnosis.  Shannon’s show was catered with all gluten-free food too!  Not only did Alig get to talk with viewers about her art one-on-one, but she was able to educate her community in central Illinois about celiac disease as well.  

As an Interior Design student, Shannon studied at the University of Central Arkansas and spent a year in the UK and in France.  Shannon is also a professional lighting designer, which this is visible in her paintings with her emphasis on lighting, textures, and colors.Art on display

Big thanks to Shannon for her beautiful and kind work! To see additional photos from Shannon’s show, click here: http://scalig.blogspot.com/2010/05/update-from-april-show.html.

To learn more about Shannon or to check out her work, visit her website:


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