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NFCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diagnoses of gluten-related disorders.

Can you tell gluten-free fact from fiction?

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Bill on Gluten in Medications Reintroduced in Congress

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Dollar for Dollar Challenge Accepted: Funding a Cure for Celiac Disease


Celiac Disease Fact vs. Fiction: Knowing How to Separate Myths from Facts

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Early-Life Infections May Be a Risk Factor for Celiac Disease in Childhood


Self-Compassion and Psychosocial Coping Among Adults with Celiac Disease


Journal Gastroenterology Publishes Research Indicating Nearly Identical Response to Gluten in Most Children and Adults with Celiac Disease

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Gluten-Free Labeling


Is Gluten Sensitivity Real?

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Samuel Gee Society 2nd Annual Reception: Serving Up Firsts


Gluten-Free Educational Retreats


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Celiac Disease


Changing the Conversation About Research


Voices of
Celiac Disease


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