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Celiac Disease Resources

Online ResourcesYou've been diagnosed. Now what? Making the transition to a gluten-free diet is one of the first steps in restoring health and reclaiming your life, but it requires a lifelong commitment. Checking labels, asking questions and finding gluten-free alternatives will become part of your routine, but there are plenty of resources to meet those challenges.

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness offers these helpful tools, guides and lists to help you stay on the gluten-free track and keep celiac disease symptoms at bay.


Gluten-Free Resource Directory

Tip Sheets and Printable Guides

Keep these handouts and quick guides on hand to help you maintain a gluten-free diet and lifestyle. Includes our popular Getting Started Guide and Gluten-Free Candy List.

Kids CentralKids Central

NFCA's online hub for gluten-free kids and parents is now bigger and better!
Kids: Click here to visit a special section just for you!
Parents: Click here for articles and advice on raising a gluten-free child.

Gluten-Free in College

Downloadable guides, articles and a blog series just for gluten-free college students.
Don't miss GREAT U: A digital publication focusing on gluten-free college life.

Talking to Your Family About Testing

Having a family member with celiac disease increases your risk of developing the condition. Learn how to explain the importance of celiac disease testing to your relatives with this handy guide.

Gluten in Medications

Learn what to look for on drug labels to avoid accidental gluten exposure, and read how NFCA is working with pharmacists to improve labeling of gluten in medications.


Browse our lists of hospitals & medical centers, government resources and support groups serving the celiac community.

Celiac Bloggers

An industry wide list of bloggers in the celiac community and within the gluten-free world. Visit our Blog Policy and Blog Registration pages to join the list.


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