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Fuel the Family: Videos

We know that talking to your family about celiac disease testing isn't always the easiest conversation to start.  Why not let someone else do the talking?  We asked two members of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) Scientific/Medical Advisory Council, Ken Kilgore and Dr. Ritu Verma, to share their personal stories of celiac disease in the family.  Share these videos to help fuel your family with the knowledge they need to take the next step and get tested for celiac disease. 


  • Fuel the Family: Dr. Ritu Verma's Personal Story

  • Fuel the Family: When Some Family Members Have Celiac Disease and Others Do Not

  • Fuel the Family: Has Your Family Been Tested for Celiac Disease?

  • Fuel the Family: The Challenges of Family Testing for Celiac Disease

  • Fuel the Family: Personal Advice for Families Affected by Celiac Disease

  • Fuel the Family: Ken Kilgore's Personal Story

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