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Drug Development and Clinical Trials

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The gluten-free diet has proven to be an effective treatment for celiac disease, but there are many challenges in adopting and maintaining a gluten-free diet that can impact a person's quality of life and long-term health outcomes. Patients, doctors and researchers agree that there is a great need for alternative treatments that could replace or supplement the gluten-free diet.

This section will share information and updates about the drug discovery and development processes. Learn about the latest from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as how you can get involved in clinical trials that will advance celiac disease research.

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"Celiac Disease: Immunology 101 and the Drug Development Process"
Do you know how celiac disease works? Download this 1-hour webinar presented by NFCA, featuring two experts in immunology and pharmacology. Additional resources include a Q&A with celiac disease expert Joseph Murray, MD, on potential therapies that could be used to treat celiac disease in the future.

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Research in the area of celiac disease and other gluten-related disorders advances every day. From online surveys to clinical trials, there are many opportunities to get involved and help researchers move closer to increased diagnoses, improved disease management tools, new pharmaceutical treatments and even a cure for celiac disease. Patient participation in research is key to ensuring that the field continues to advance. Sign up for Beyond Celiac:™ NFCA's Research Opt-In today to learn more about opportunities to participate in research.

Who’s Who in Celiac Disease Drug Development

Get updates from the pharmaceutical and biotech companies working in the celiac disease field. Includes news, press releases, fact sheets and videos.

Clinical Trials

Are you interested in learning more about clinical trials or possibly participating in a study? Resources include links to current clinical trials, open calls for enrollment and news from the drug development field.

Celiac Disease Drug Development in the News

Scientific articles and related publications from NFCA's Research News feed focused on the drug development process. Track the progress of researchers working to expand treatment options for celiac disease and potentially find a cure for this autoimmune disorder.


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